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Generic atorvastatin calcium tablets, but can't recall the brand name. "Those who have a history of heart failure should take a low-dose aspirin (not atorvastatin) medication," the statement said. But it said some patients have "an increased risk of stroke and cardiovascular events if they take atorvastatin." Heparin, the blood-thinning drug sold most commonly under the brand drug by Amarin Pharmaceuticals Inc, is another potential trigger, the statement said. One factor could be that some of the patients may have had a reaction to other medications, said Dr. Mark Pazmany, who directs the cardiovascular and metabolic disorders program in the department of internal medicine at St. Elizabeth Medical Center in New York City. A person could have reaction to a medication if "they swallow it without being aware of that, and then, as the drug atorvastatin online apotheke passes through digestive tract, some of the drug gets distributed to liver," he said in an interview. A person who takes atorvastatin or another similar treatment for heart failure, such as atenolol, atrial fibrillation or valproate will probably have only minimal side effects, and possibly few, if any, in the short term, said Dr. David A. Karch, a professor of cardiology at Washington University in St. Louis. But, he said in an interview, any reactions that occur could lead to heart problems. "The more you keep giving it to somebody, the more likely there is that a reaction will occur," he said, adding that has not heard of such reactions associated with anticoagulant treatments. Anticoagulant drugs prevent blood clots from forming in arteries that supply blood to other body tissues. However, some doctors believe that a common risk of anticoagulant treatments is that they can lead to a stroke if they are taken by someone with a stroke history. In the statement, Amarin said: "There have been a limited number of patients over the past 10 years with stroke who also had a history of heart failure." Heparin, Amarin's main brand, cheap atorvastatin online has a high incidence of stroke in the first week after starting it, according to clinical study data published in the journal BMJ August 2010. Patients are more at risk for a stroke if they take anticoagulants for a long time, but they may have even poorer outcomes once their stroke risk recedes, said Dr. David Jaffe, a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, in Boston. other studies, he has found that long-term use of anticoagulants has led to an increased risk of heart failure and death. Amarin didn't identify the patients of concern, but many those with severe cardiovascular disease take blood-thinning drugs: ■ A 22-year-old woman from Pennsylvania, who had previously suffered a stroke, is now taking blood-thinning drugs, which may have exacerbated her condition, the company said in a statement. ■ The company said that a 43-year-old woman from West Virginia with a stroke has been taking anticoagulants for two years as of July. ■ A 35-year-old woman with multiple myeloma has just finished an average of five blood-thinning drugs per week for three years. The drug was stopped and she is expected to try atorvastatin see if she has better outcomes, the statement said. ■ A 62-year-old man with stage 4 heart failure had his first blood-thinning treatment five months buy atorvastatin online uk ago, while being followed for two months by investigators. His blood-thinning levels are now under control, the company said. Amarin said it takes the patient's "well-being" into account in making a decision.

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